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The team of Naturalmente Panama wishes all guests in Las Lajas and surroundings a wonderful stay. We will do everything to make your vacation or visit as pleasant as possible.



Born in Switzerland moving to Italy as a teenager, I have always been curious about the world. At that time I worked with my current business partners of Naturalmente Panama in the summer at the seaside in Riviera Romagnola, in order to travel in the winter months to the many beautiful little paradises on our earth. My travels to far away countries like Thailand and Bali and the experiences with different cultures awakened in me the longing for a complete change of life - "Back to roots" and towards a life in harmony with nature. Many moments worth living are often lost in today's society and I wanted to anchor these moments and the ideals of the past back into my life.

A good friend, who had traveled extensively in Central America, gave me and my partner the idea to take a look at Panama. And this tip turned out to be priceless. Not only because of its development opportunities and political stability, but especially because of its beautiful regions, like Chiriquí, with its stunning nature, Panama was overwhelming for me from the first moment. And so it drew me and my travel partner to Las Lajas and our new home. The wild nature of this tropical paradise, the simplicity of life and the friendliness of the people enchanted us. We immediately bought a piece of land and were thrilled by the breathtaking view we had: a green meadow, two rolling hills, the colors of beautiful sunsets- everything fit. Of course, the location was also prime for the fulfillment of a long-held dream. And so Naturalmente Panama was born in the middle of the idyllic nature of a cute little village right next to the longest dream beach in Central America. Here we spoil our guests and every time I look into the enthusiastic faces of our vacationers, I know that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be. I look forward every day to sharing this wonderful country with you and making your stay here in our Hotel Naturalmente Panama unforgettable.



As a true Italian, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine is naturally in my blood and just like Chantal, I loved traveling and adventuring in the diverse countries of the world. The sea, foreign cultures and the simple natural life with the locals have always attracted me. Our shared travels and passion for good food were the perfect impetus for the desire to combine our talents in a fantastic project.

Naturalmente Panama was to offer its guests a trusting and caring service and guarantee them culinary highlights of the highest order. The success spoke for itself and after only a few months we were overwhelmed by the positive reactions and complements from our guests. Because our restaurant was constantly fully booked and the demand for the homemade and delicious Italian pizzas was constantly increasing, we decided together to expand.

Naturalmente Pizza, located directly in the central park of Las Lajas, became our second project and today it invites both the guests of the hotel and many tourists and visitors to enjoy a real original Italian pizza. Every day I live my passion for traditional Mediterranean cuisine and, with my team, impress even discerning pizza lovers . Living here in Panama has been enriching and I've enjoyed every day of my emigration to this paradise to the fullest. I, too, look forward to welcoming you to our pizzeria and delighting you with our delicious delicacies.



Hello and welcome to our kitchen of creative and traditional delicacies! Born near Venice and raised in Patagonia, Argentina, when I returned to Italy at the age of 15, I was fascinated by the enormous variety and fabulous flavor in Italian cuisine. learned my love for cooking in the famous city of Modena in Italy, where I had the opportunity to work as a chef in several exquisite restaurants.

Attracted by the diversity of flavors around the world, my path then led me to beautiful Patagonia. There I managed an "estancia" in Peninsula de Valdes. The breathtaking flora and fauna were unforgettable and I carry the people in my heart to this day. When my friends Chantal and Gabriele invited me in 2015 to come to Panama and enrich Naturalmente Panama with new culinary skills, I did not think twice.

Again, I packed my bags and looked forward to my new life in the beautiful Central American country. All creations of our exclusive and fresh Mediterranean cuisine originate from our common inspirations. With much love and devotion we always come up with new special treats for our guests. Variety and creativity are at the top of our menu, just like the selection of natural, fresh and regional ingredients for our high quality dishes. Let yourself be enchanted by our cuisine!



By the way, I love to play darts. That’s why we built our dart pavilion with a professional dartboard surrounded by local woodcraft. I would be happy to play a round with you.


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